Tuesday, 24 November 2009

An afternoon tale

Some girl from road nowhere specific was on route to meet some geeza to get some you know what i mean so her and her cronies could have one of those you know what i mean nights when she bumped into one of her long lost pals she had not seen in donkeys.
"Whus up girl? how are you you old slag" she said to Freekles who was one of those you know what i mean ones who left school early due to Pregnancy. She had a thing for the you know what i mean from the early ages.
It wernt no long ting, it was one of those hi and bye conversations as she scurried off hot stepping as the you know what i mean geezer had a reputation of not hanging around to long.
Her mobile sprung into action vibrating in tune to Chingy's (dem jeans) which was an inspiration to her confidence. She rated her self ten out of ten.
"Hello mate, i'm 3minutes away from you. I got held up for a bit. I'm coming, please wait. She knew she sounded desperate but appealing to his point of view of i got the goods which he really liked anyway cos he was a straight big head, flash car, nice pad, good chin, toned, dark and handsome but not alot of respect for punters if you know what i mean kinda guy who judged everybody and never thought twice about who he served. Money was straight pimping and keeping him rolling like Big Billy Sollox.
"Ok hurry up" he said "you got 2minutes and counting to get here or i'm gone". He rang off.
She broke into a jog, she knew she would make it but just in case it's better to be safe was her attitude now. She stopped jogging and walked calmly around the corner towards the the black Mercedes Sports open top, she opened the door and got in as he fired up the engine putting it in gear and pulling off.
The ride smelled of high grade weed, she liked the smell of the greens, taking covert deep breaths and acting innocent as she was a strict none smoker.
Dj Cubic Floyd was her stage name, and she always performed better with her you know what i mean. they exchanged money and goods, he dropped her off around the corner and went on his way.
she was smiling to herself and thinking 'Friday' like Ice Cubes film, "it's just another mischevious day"

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